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Cadalog, Inc. is a U.S. based, CAD software development and sales organization . Cadalog, Inc. started in 2001 and is a registered corporation in Washington state (U.S.A.) Cadalog, Inc and has support offices in Japan and has 20 active resellers in eleven Asian countries.

Cadalog, Inc. has two missions

1. Localization and export of CAD and CG related software products to Japan and Asia.

    Products that we represent:

    SketchUp Pro from Trimble. We have distributed SketchUp Pro since 2001. SketchUp Pro is our main exported product. SketchUp Pro is the fastest growing 3D modeling program in the world. Cadalog, Inc. is the master distributor of SketchUp Pro in all of Asia. SketchUp Pro is an conceptual design program for architectural design, construction design, game design, landscape design, interior design, GIS and even mechanical design. Cadalog, Inc. also develops popular plug-ins for SketchUp such as the SU Podium, a photo-realistic rendering program, SU Animate and SU Walk.

    Other products include MoI3D from Triple Squid. MoI3D is one of the easiest to use NURBS modeling program and will help many designers transition to 3D.

    Cadalog, Inc. is the master reseller of Piranesi in Asia.

2 . Cadalog, Inc.'s second mission is the development of SketchUp plug-in software.

    SU Podium. We are currently engaged in the development and sales of plug-ins for the SketchUp world wide market. Our most popular plug-in is SU Podium V2, a photo-realistic rendering plug-in for SketchUp. Cadalog is the owner SU Podium and of the following plug-ins:

    Podium Browser, a large library of 3D components that are render-ready and can be dropped directly into SketchUp.

    Podium Walker, a photo-realistic, real time animation program.

    Viso3D, a plug-in that converts SketchUp models to be viewed on an iPad.

    SU Animate, a SketchUp plug-in that allows for non-photo-realistic, object animation.

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